The Reasons You Might Consider Eloping

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The Reasons You Might Consider Eloping

There are a number of reasons couples choose to elope instead of having a large wedding, or reasons you might have a smaller wedding at your favorite destination. Some reasons might be obvious but there are many benefits to eloping if that’s your vibe. Eloping has become even more popular since the covid-19 outbreak and although it’s been a wild ride, the push to focus on the most important moments would be quite refreshing under different circumstances. These are the reasons you might consider eloping.

But first, what is an elopement?

Perhaps you believe that an elopement is a quick wedding with a young couple who signs their marriage papers in the courthouse to travel out west for a whimsical clifftop experience just the two of them and y’all, I’m here for it; but this isn’t the only thing that makes an elopement what it is and there are a few reasons that you might consider eloping.

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Elopements are meant for focussing on the subject at hand; you know, that wildly in love couple and most know for being personal, intimate and a lot less about an extensive guest list. Elopements are defined by your couple, what you want and what you desire and every single detail plays into that perfectly. These are the reasons you might consider eloping.

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Number One: You Want Something Different

These days, there are a lot of couples who choose to elope, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan an elopement that is uniquely fit to your couple and something totally different and beautiful. To put it simply, you have endless options when choosing to elope, and that includes eloping close to home too.

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Number Two: You Want to Save Money

You probably know this already but the pressure of big elaborate weddings easily puts new couples and their parents into debt, causing a lot of stress during and after and let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that! And even if you do have the money, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wise to spend it.

Number Three: Wedding Planning is Too Stressful

This is a tough one because many people don’t realize how stressful wedding planning can be until you are a few months in and it’s almost too late to turn back. It’s too easy to get caught up in pleasing everyone and even easier to forget why it’s all happening in the first place; it’s to get hitched, yo!

Number Five: You Kinda Wanna Make It About You

Listen, this whole thing is about you so you can let go of all of those *I have to please everybody* feelings. At the end of the day, your wedding day is about committing yourself to someone else.. for a literal lifetime.. and that’s kind of a big flipping deal! If you want to let go of the unimportant details and everyone else’s opinion, here is your permission to just do it.

Number Six: You Want Intimate

You might be the person who wants to remember the feeling you had just moments before you walked down that petal covered dirt path to the love of the life, or you want to remember the smell of the fresh pines and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Sometimes moments are more than what we can see and more than words can express, and keeping things intimate, whether that be the two of you or a group of your closest family and friends, you are bound to remember the little things more vividly.

Number Seven: You Crave Adventure

You’ve probably known for much of your life that you tend to want more out of life than seeing your four walls and never leaving your hometown (even if you are destined to always return). It’s likely no different when it comes to your wedding day and like the start of your married life, you want your wedding day to be an adventure too.

Number Eight: You Want Breathtaking Photos for Your Wedding Day

The memories you take with you and the photographs you have to spare is really the only thing you have to remember it years later and that’s a huge reason couples value photography so much. It’s no different based upon the type of wedding, but it is different in the time you have to get those money shots. For example, large weddings usually only allow one hour worth of photos of the new bride and groom but with elopements, nearly the entire day is spent focussed on your couple, which is insanely beautiful.

Number Nine: You Want to be Extra

Some people think being “extra” means lavish decor and insanely large venues but in 2021, we are throwing that out the window and choosing to believe that boujie means throwing your heart into everything it most desires and choosing what YOU want over what society tells you it should be. You wanna spend 20 mins worshiping with your fave people? DO IT. You wanna hike 15 miles to a mountaintop in a wedding dress and a backpack? DO IT. You wanna spend your whole day with the love of your life? DO IT.

Number Ten: Your Not Limited to Just One Day

You read that right. You don’t have to limit yourself to a one day experience but instead, you can make the entire experience a celebration of your love and marriage. For some, that looks like a welcome party with their intimate guest list, or a morning after the wedding swim at sunrise. You’ve read it over and over and over again: this day is about YOU and whatever YOU want.

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