hey, I'm ashley Stein

I'm a wedding photographer who travels worldwide to capture love stories that mean something. Based in both Ohio & Florida.

A mom and wife who dreams of helping others believe success comes from within.

You could say that I'm multi-passionate, sure, but the root of my entrepreneurial desires is and has always been helping others to become the best version of themselves; in their personal lives, their careers and even in their biggest, most important moments. As a mom and a wife, I know about these moments all too well and recognize how quickly they pass us by.

you'd be surprised how much I know about weddings... 

Not to toot my own horn, but I can tell you a thing about celebrating this once in a lifetime moment; you know, that moment you commit yourself to your best friend; that person you snuggle up on the couch with Friday nights. You're going to be doing that forever, so the day you say "I [friggin] do!" is a pivotal  moment for sure. That's why you need someone who knows what they are doing to guide you along the way, show you the ropes and make that moment hecka special. 

So let's do this thing. Let's make that moment last a lifetime. you get one chance to make it the best day ever and I'm going to help you turn that dream into reality. 

From the first conversation, to the engagement session, to the timeline building and especially the BIG DAY, we are in this together. I'm here for you, to answer your big and small questions and to make sure that all of the complicated parts are simplified. Let me take your picture, would you?

ok, fine. let's do it

all about


bloody mary's,
rv life
helping you find
your reason


not about

bandaid fixes,
the word "moist",
that hustle game



If you're engaged and seeking that perfect photographer for you or you're the photographer seeking couples like mine, we have a lot to talk about and I'm ready to listen. 

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