I’m an Ohio wedding photographer, so barn weddings been a part of my entire photography career. Each barn is different than the other; some of them were real barns once upon a time, but others were created as wedding barns, for people to marry joyously around corn fields and rolling hills. It was a true Ohio wedding celebrating Sam & Spencer Deetz. It was the sunniest Ohio day in 2021. Trust me, I lived through it. So did the groomsman dressed in full suits.

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I'm a passionate mama, wife and friend who has learned the value of time through my journey as an entrepreneur. Like I value my time, I value the time of others too and it's my passion to help you through your journey efficiently and gracefully so that no time is wasted doing things that don't matter.

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You're probably wondering what your day is going to look like and how you should coordinate it with your vendors. Here's how!

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