In Which Season Should We Plan Our Wedding?

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In Which Season Should We Plan Our Wedding?

As an Ohio Wedding Photographer, I’ve experienced weddings in all seasons for many years. If you live here, you know that any date you choose is a gamble. But if we are looking at the glass half full, you never know how truly beautiful it could be, despite the weather on wedding day.

You might consider hiring a wedding planner like Em&Me Event Co. but I’m here to help guide you for now.

In Ohio, we experience an extreme no matter which season we are in. Summers can easily be 90 degrees and winters can be below zero. Spring could be full of sunshine and fall could be ridden with rain.

I would decide which season to get married in based on these three things:

ONE. The Weather

We just discussed this. The weather in Ohio can be absolutely insane at any point in the year. We always know about what to expect, but it could easily change from 15 degrees and snowing to 75 degrees and sunny 2 days later. But this is the time where you decide which kind of weather you would prefer. Do you want to risk a super hot and sunny day, or would you prefer to risk a bitter cold day where you desperately need a coat. “The choice is yours!” as my middle school principle would say.

TWO. Your Photographer’s Style

Now this might not be possible to understand if you have not been eying your photographer long before your engagement. But if you have or are familiar with the type of photography that you desire, the photographer’s style within these seasons is super important. Go through their galleries and visualize which season you are drawn to when looking at their galleries. Then decide if this is an important factor for you.

THREE. Planning Time

Most of my clients have a relatively quick engagement. They will get married within 6-9 months of their engagement, so planning a wedding in a certain season isn’t always their main goal. They simply want to be married, and so they pick whichever season makes sense. This is something to consider while planning. If you get married in January, it would be possible to plan a wedding by the fall of that year, but you could lose your mind if you tried to plan it by spring, so if having a spring wedding is important to you, you might consider planning it for the following year, which would give you closer to a 15-16 month engagement.

FOUR. Inside or Outside

If pictures are important to you, you might want to consider if you want the majority of your pictures inside or outside. I can assure you, that if it is 90 degrees and the men are in full suits, or its below 0 degrees and your bridesmaids are not in sleeves, chances are that pictures outdoors will not last very long. This is totally okay, as long as you know that you might have to take the majority of your pictures indoors.

If you have any questions about when you should plan your wedding, reach out to me and we can chat about your wants and needs when it comes to photography.

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