A Boudoir Photoshoot is the Perfect Wedding Gift

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A Boudoir Photoshoot is the Perfect Wedding Gift

A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect wedding gift.

The entire experience is a win for you, and it’s a win for him too. If you’re already sold on having your boudoir pictures done, click here >>>

I’ve been an Ohio boudoir photographer for almost as long as I have been an Ohio wedding photographer and I have been through so many incredible boudoir photoshoots with so many beautiful women, inside and out. Boudoir photography comes by a number of names, like pin up photography and a burlesque photoshoot, but whether you are coming from Columbus or Cleveland, Pittsburgh or across the United States, I’d love to have you in my studio, as a New Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer.

I have moved to a new photography studio in New Philadelphia, a place I share with my best friend who does family photography. We also rent our Niche + Nourish photography studio to other photographers in the area so that they can have a safe space indoors to photograph their own clients. And before you ask, I DO have experience with plus size boudoir and I believe that all women are beautiful because beauty comes from within. I want to make you feel confident in that.

A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect wedding gift for these reasons, and don’t be fooled, a man could easily do this for a woman too. I don’t discriminate 😉 Here it goes:

  1. It is a win for both you and him. While the end result will be a surprise he cherishes forever (as in he’s hiding it in his nightstand for life!), it is an experience where you get to be pampered, loved, and empowered. You’ll likely come into it feeling a little uneasy, naturally, because it’s new and “totally something you wouldn’t do” but you’ll leave feeling much different. You’ll leave with a gift for him, but also a gift for you; the gift of feeling confident in you.

  1. It is thoughtful and well planned. And sure, you could get him a cool watch, something he would very much enjoy, but why not make it something he simply cannot gift himself. You.

  1. It creates a moment on or around your wedding day. Everyone hopes that their wedding day is extra special. And it will be. But with a boudoir album, you’ll be able to create a moment. Perhaps you could leave it under his pillow the night before your wedding or allow him to open it before he walks down the aisle while he’s all snazzy in his suit. It will be a moment you created for him, and a moment you could even see one day in your wedding album; his surprise.

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