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Branding Pillars for Your Personal Brand

Social media is so consuming, is it not? Here we will discussed branding pillars for your personal brand.

We spend at least half of our work hours trying to figure it out, trying to show up for our people and sometimes we even spend full days trying to figure out how to make just one reel.

It’s a lot. But it can be easier.

So, what are these brand pillars I’m talking about?

Brand Pillars are the topics of your brand that you can share about with ease. They are what make up your brand as a whole and they are what we use to organize your brand for your people (your followers, your friends, your clients) and also for you.

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Visually speaking, they are those little highlights on instagram that categorize the important parts of your business and all of the things you talk about, share about and offer fall into those categories. Like Ashley Stein: Ohio Wedding Photographer:

and before you think this is all about Instagram, it isn’t! This is just one simple way of showing you how you might get clear on social media about what they can expect from you, and even clear with yourself about the things you need to focus on.

The point is to get really clear about the things you are great at, the things you can speak about for hours and hours, and the things that make up your personal brand.

Let’s use my personal brand account as an example. My pillars are this:

  • Hello: this is where I share who I am for anyone who jumps on my page to learn more about me
  • Branding: this is where people can find more information about branding (because this is my expertise and this is what I use to educate)
  • Services: this is where people can find all of the services I offer (it’s what I use to SELL)
  • Tips: this is where I offer photography tips because it’s something I’m passionate about
  • Travel: this is where I share my travels because it’s something I love to do


I have many other parts of my life that are important to me, and BIG BIG things that I love about my life that are not a part of my brand, like being a wife and mother.

This doesn’t mean that these things are not important to me, or that they do not affect my personal brand. It just means that I have chosen to keep that part of my life separate from my personal brand for personal reasons, and that’s okay. You can do this too.

Your personal brand is not every single thing about your life. It’s the part of your life that YOU choose to share.

Imagine someone is visiting your page or your account for the very first time. Beyond your cute little bio that HOPEFULLY list out who you are, who you serve and how they can reach you personally, you will want them to know the things they can expect from you if they do choose to follow along, and maybe learn a thing or two.

Make sense? I hope so! If this does not make sense to you, and you need further branding expertise, schedule a consult with me directly.

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