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5 Tips to Finding Yourself in Your Brand

If there was ever a time to start or grow a business, it would be now. We’ve been through a lot this past year as a country and quite literally, the world. If you’re finding this after the coronavirus crisis is over, this information is even more valuable to you. We’ve been through it. We are still in it. But we have grown so much and we’ve gained some grit to do and to be what we aspire to be.

This is a brand check to help guide you to owning your brand and stay consistent in that brand.

I. Find Your People.

If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. Read that again..

If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. This is the very first thing you should explore in your brand if you haven’t already. To do this, you need to imagine your ideal client, and keep in mind that your ideal client might not be you. This is a conversation for another day, another post, but you must start to explore who you want to speak to, who you want to inspire and who you want to sell to and then you must curate your brand content to that person.

Tip: Think about a person who has been someone you would serve over and over and over again if you could. Reach out to them. Find out what they like, where they go out to dinner, where they shop, what their values are and make a decision to target more people just like that one.

II. Show Up.

You might be wondering or concerned that this means that you have to show up on social media every day, and immediately anxiety casts over you. It doesn’t mean that.

Relaxed now? Good.

Showing up is so much more, and so much deeper than showing up on social media, or showing up to the appointment your client scheduled with you. While it’s important to show up for your people, it is equally or more important to be the person your people need. This requires you to learn about your people, understand your people and cater to their needs.


Think about who you need in your life, as a person and as a business owner.. and think about the people in your life who have fulfilled that for you and how they fulfilled that for you. It could be your spouse, your friend or your mentor, but they did something to make you feel valued and appreciated and you grew because of it.

You cannot expect for your people to show up for you, if you yourself are not showing up for them. Mic Drop.

III. Brand Colors.

This is the fun part! On social media, you might consider spicing up those cute little squares that inspire and sell. To do this, more than you should show what you do, you should show who you are and creating a brand that matches who you are in your brand is a way to catch attention, share, inspire and sell to people without simply showing the work you do.

Choose your brand colors and then create posts that give value to your people, like inspiring quotes that they can share, client testimonials and tips that they can utilize when using your service.

IV. Show Your Face.

YIKES, I know. You might not be the first person to show your face in your brand and business, but you must know that it is so important to your brand because people connect with people, not things. You can do this by just starting. It might feel weird, you might feel uncomfortable at first, but showing up to show who you are and what you’re about levels you up and allows your people to find you, remember you and ultimately choose you if they see fit.

Tip: Hire a professional brand photographer to guide you and create content you can share that you are confident in. If you’re in or near Ohio, reach out to me to talk about business branding content.

V. It’s Okay to Change.

Who you are today might not be who you were one year ago, or who you will be 5 years down the road, so rest easy in this fact. You can show up today as your true self, sell what you want to sell, and it be different and look different in the future. It’s okay to grow, and it is okay to change. The best thing for you to do is to always rise to be better today than you were yesterday and to show for your people better every day, to be the person that you need and to inspire to serve the greater good, no matter what it is that you “do.”

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