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5 Tips to Gaining a Reliable Social Media Following

I. Be a quality follower and friend.

It’s simple really. It’s true, you can buy followers, follow and then unfollow.. all the things. The number of followers you have means very little if no one is interacting with your posts, but this is a simple and an “oh, that makes sense” idea: to gain followers who care for you, who interact with you, who remember and recognize you, you have to be that person for them. So what does that mean? It means that you need to respond to their stories, comment on their posts (more than a handful of times), and ADD VALUE to their lives.

II. Use hashtags.

You probably already know this, but let’s take it a step further. Let’s dive deeper. You can come up with some random hashtags, sure, but what if you could specifically curated hashtag list that will get your posts seen by the right people? You’d do it. Try this:

  • 5 large hashtags (1M-5M)
  • 15 medium hashtags (500k-1M)
  • 10 small hashtags (100k-500k)


  • 10 of those hashtags should be post-specific
  • 15 of those hashtags should be brand-specific
  • 5 of those hashtags should be industry-specific

III. Post more than what you do.

As a photographer myself, I know how easy it is to get caught up in just posting pretty pictures to the gram, uploading albums onto facebook and pinning the award-winning galleries to Pinterest. I get it. But when I needed more people to connect with me on a deeper level than loving my work, I needed to show up for them and show who I am as a person, a creative and a business owner. Because I show up, people choose me for MORE than what I do and I want that for you too. Post that pretty face on your grid, be bold and confident, say “hiiiiii” on your stories or copy a skit on reels. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy at first. You just have to do it.

IV. Use new features.

Social media platforms reward accounts that use their new features and while I know it’s quite a drag to learn yet another thing, it’s important to stay “with it” so to say. Sometimes new features force you out of your comfort zone, and encourage you to interact in ways you never dreamt about before but that’s kind of the point. Connection is so important and adapting to our people and their needs is how we do that.

V. Add value.

Sell one day a week. By “sell”, I’m not discriminating against influencers and accounts who might not have anything physical to sell yet. By selling, I mean: selling your product, your cute little earrings in your Etsy shop, your free download or your tips to getting more engagement *wink wink*.

Let’s pretend for a second that you post 5 days a week M-F (wow, what a goal that is LOL). Four of those days, you should be offering value, connecting, showing up and sharing your personal brand. On the fifth day is when you can promote your product or service. You’ve made an honest effort to connect and add value to the lives of your followers and now it’s okay to share the thing that allows you the time to keep sharing.

If you post less than five days a week (yeah, it’s me too girl), you can adjust as needed, just make sure that you are connecting and adding value 5x more than what you are selling. Give your people a reason to buy from you because after all, you are what makes your brand different.

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